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Home Improvements | Case Studies

As we all spend more time at home we may be wishing we had a little more space, a little more natural light, a better connection to the garden or somewhere secluded to work. Our work as architects in Devon means that we are often tackling these issues with our clients, trying to make the most of their homes, or create new spaces to meet their needs.  As a result we have a wealth of ideas about how you could improve your home.

Over the next few weeks we will be presenting some common home improvement projects through case studies of recently completed work.  Click on the links below to see these as they emerge:

  • Extra space to come together or entertain
  • Better connections to garden
  • Better connections to view
  • Extra space for children and teenagers
  • Home office
  • Extra space to allow for specific activities
  • Improved entrance and circulation
  • Better arrangement of rooms, to maximise orientation and view
  • More natural light
  • Better thermal performance and efficiency

If you have been thinking about improving you home environment and aren’t sure where to start, why not give us a ring and we can have a chat about how we can help. We would love to hear from you and help you on your journey!

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